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About Us

Explore Entertainment at Your Fingertips

#SELFIE TV is your ultimate destination and guide to entertainment happening all around the world. We are an online webchannel catering to all your entertainment needs at your fingertips.

Our company was launched in 2014 with the vision of creating a platform that covers everything from exciting happenings around the world to the latest celebrity and lifestyles trends.

From producing our own TV shows to providing flawless events coverage, we aim to provide rich and remarkable multimedia creations that match your expectations.

We love taking selfies, and yes we strongly believe that a SELFIE speaks louder than words.

What We Do:

At SELFIE TV, we believe in providing services like you’ve never seen before. From interviewing celebrities in our original talk-show to covering all events from press conferences to festivals, we do everything the Selfie way – blending creativity and charm.

In-house Production


Events Coverage

Commerical Advertisment


Corporate Videos

Fun Facts About #SELFIE:

1.      Flickr was the first website to introduce the word 'Selfie'.

2.      Facebook holds up to 50% of selfies followed by Instagram and Twitter.

3       Selfie Sticks became a trending item only after 2014.

4.      The word “Selfie” was added to Oxford Dictionary in 2011.

5.      After 2012, use of word Selfie had increased by nearly 17,000%.

Fun #SELFIE Quotes:

"A selfie a day, keeps insecurities away"! wink

"Oh you take selfies? You must be so cool."cool

"Sending your selfies to NASA because you're a star!"cheeky

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